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GARRETT AT GOLD DeepMax DeepSeeker Gold Detector Double Coil package SET GoldDetektor special DHL export offer

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Garrett AT GOLD is one of the best Gold Detectors in the world !
Now available:  Double Coil Set from nuggets24 brings perfect depth and sens !

Export price outside EU only EURO 780.-  
or ask about our special offers for more qty inclusive DHL Express shipping Africa + wordwide 
  • nuggets24 Special Edition comes inclusive big 8.5"x11" Original GARRETT DeepSeeker Double D DD coil
  • find not only very tiny Gold Nuggets in best depth - find also larger Gold Nuggets in more depth !!
Golddetector Gold Metal Detector Garrett AT GOLD from nuggets24.com for Africa

Key Features AT GOLD Double coil nuggets24 package:
  • 5"x8" (14x20cm) PROformance? DD submersible searchcoil (as shown above left on stem)
  • plus 8.5"x11" (21.5x28cm) PROformance? DD submersible searchcoil (as shown above right)
  • Garrett MasterSound? headphones (waterproof headphones sold separately)
  • Waterproof to 10 feet or 3 meters

Garrett AT Gold Detector special DUAL coil DeepMax Deep Seeker offer for goldfield search nuggets24.com

Highly recommended for GOLD search for nuggets, Prospecting, Coin, Jewelry, Cache Hunting, Relic Hunting, Organized Hunts and shallow Water Hunting

AT Gold includes 18 kHz frequency for enhanced detection of very small gold nuggets, jewelry, coins and relics AND very big nuggets and Gold with 8.5x11" !!

awesome Deep-seeking True All Metal Mode Performance for All Terrain Prospecting and Gold searching

ask us for special offer inclusive worldwide fast DHL Express shipping

info@nuggets24.de  or  info@nuggets.at  or call us 0049 700 DETEKTOR = 0049 700 33835867

Garrett AT Gold Golddetector DUAL coil package nuggets24com

  • Pro Mode Audio?: Proportional Audio and Tone Roll Audio? features allow the user to hear characteristics of a target as they would in a True All-Metal Mode.
  • High-Res Iron Discrimination?: Use touchpads to set iron discrimination in
    one of 40 levels for precise ability to separate good targets from trash.
  • Digital Target ID: 0 to 99 Target ID scale offers increased ability to distinguish
    one target's conductivity from another.
  • Iron Audio?: Allows the user to hear discriminated iron and to alter the detector's mid-tone signal's range
  • Fast Recovery Speed: Allows greater ability to pick out good targets amongst trash
  • All Terrain Versatility: Weatherproof housing designed for dusty, humid or wet
    environments; unit can be submerged to a maximum 10-foot depth.
  • 15 kHz frequency: improved detection of small targets, gold nuggets, jewelry
  • Ground Balance: automatic and manually adjustable for improved
  • Graphic Target Analyzer? (GTA): identifies target's conductivity
  • Continuous Coin Depth Indicator: to determine target depth
  • Battery Condition Indicator: shows battery life continually

Gold Detector GARRETT AT GOLD www.nuggets24.de

waterproof up to 3 meters for Gold Huning in Rivers and Lakes
 - for Snorkeling oder diving optionla UW-Headphone available -

large original GARRETT AT GOLD 8.5x11" coil for best depth included in this nuggets24 package

8.5x11 Gold Detector AT GOLD coil DUAL package nuggets24.com

8.5x11+ 5x8

ask us for special offer inclusive worldwide fast DHL Express shipping

info@nuggets24.de  or  info@nuggets.at  or call us 0049 700 DETEKTOR = 0049 700 33835867

tech specs

AT Gold DeepSeeker DUAL coil package Golddetector Specifications

Target ID Cursor Segments   20
Iron Discrimination Segments   44
Search Modes
Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments   8
Electronic Pinpointing   Yes
Frequency   18 kHz
Audio Tone ID Levels   3
Standard Searchcoil   5" x 8" ( 14x20cm) + 8.5x11 (21,5x28cm) DD PROformance?
Length (Adjustable)   42" to 51" (1.06m - 1.29m)
Total Weight   3.03 lbs. (1.4 kgs.)
Batteries   4 AA (included)
Warranty   2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor

AT-GOLD Garrett Golddetektor Goldsuchgerät OnlineShop ShowRoom nuggets24.de

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AT Gold finds two nice nuggets

Sannes Video ? AT Gold Finds Two Nice Nuggets!
While detecting in the mountains of Southern California with his wife Mary, Paul Sannes found a total of 19 gold nuggets over a two day period with his Garrett AT Gold.This video, submitted by him, shows the recovery of two of the nuggets.

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